Business Equipment: Vertical Milling, Manual Lathes, Surface Grinding, Welding Facilities, 3D Printing and Scanning, Vacuum Forming, Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment, Thermal Engineering, Tourbo Machinery, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Projects: Updating Existing Equipment, New Business Ventures

We understand productivity and output are essential to your business and as a result investing in the right machinery at the right time could have a big impact on the direction your company takes. Moreover, we appreciate there may never be a right time for such a large outlay on a machine which poses a high risk on your cash reserves. Our solution, with lines of funding for amounts from £1,000 – £1,000,000+ over 1-7 years  is our hassle-free flexible finance solutions at market leading rates.

We have worked with engineering companies for over 20 years with experience in assembling finance packages to suit your cashflow requirements. Increase your productivity today and get in contact, you have nothing to lose!

Why finance and not pay upfront?

  • Minimal deposit required
  • Tax benefits
  • Preserves your cashflow
  • Simple application
  • Receive funds in as little as 24 hours
  • VAT can be paid upfront or deferred


If you are looking for a quotation or to apply for finance, we will need the below information:

  • Provide your business name & address
  • Company type
  • Have a reasonable credit history
  • We can fund for new as well as long established companies

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