Sports Facility Finance

Buckingham Leasing partner exclusively with S&C Slatter to offer competitive financing solutions for the construction and maintenance of sports facilities.

Subject to approval, you can fund, construct and maintain sports pitches, athletics tracks and playing courts through one dedicated point of contact.

About S&C Slatter

S&C Slatter is an industry leading sports contractor with 30 years’ experience in the design, construction and maintenance of artificial turf pitches, athletics tracks and playing courts.

Working across the sports, leisure and education sectors, S&C Slatter was the world’s first FIH Certified Field Builder, is a construction partner of the Football Foundation AGP Framework and delivered the first Major League Baseball field in Europe.

Experienced in constructing artificial pitches to major governing body performance standards including FIFA Quality Pro, FIH Global and World Rugby Regulation 22, the company possesses an impressive portfolio spanning local to global elite level sport. Clients include Everton Football Club, The John Madejski Academy, Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate, Freedom Leisure and The University of Oxford.

What you can fund

Buckingham Leasing works with S&C Slatter to provide financing across much of their product range. For eligible organisations Operating Leases, Hire Purchase Agreements or Finance Leases may be arranged to fund the below facilities:

Artificial turf pitches

S&C Slatter have delivered over 500 artificial turf pitches for a variety of sports. Working exclusively with FIH, FIFA and World Rugby preferred turf producers FieldTurf, the company are experts in the design and construction of:

Artificial turf pitches can also be used for lacrosse, American football and baseball, please get in touch for further details.

Tennis/netball courts and multi-use games areas (MUGAs)

S&C Slatter have delivered over 200 multi-sport pitches and dedicated tennis and netball courts. Whether polymeric, macadam, sand-dressed or Gen 2, playing courts are designed with a surface that best meets the needs of the sports being played and any governing body standards required.

Find out more about multi-use games areas.

Athletics Tracks

Working with clients at a community, national and global level, S&C Slatter are experts in athletics field and running track construction.

The company partners exclusively with world-leading athletics track manufacturer Beynon Sports to deliver athletics tracks at all levels, up to and including World Athletics Class I standard athletics facilities for elite global performance.

Find out more about athletics tracks.

Hybrid and Natural turf pitches

Acquired by the company in 2019, S&C Slatter’s sister company White Horse Contractors has over 60 years’ expertise in the design and construction of natural turf pitches and hybrid turf pitches for elite sport. Clients include Chelsea FC, St. George’s Park and Wasps Rugby. White Horse Contractors work in partnership with hybrid turf pioneers GrassMaster Solutions to deliver the latest in hybrid turf technology.

Non-turf cricket facilities

Non-turf (also known as artificial turf) cricket facilities may include pitches, indoor netting systems or practice and coaching facilities. S&C Slatter have a long and exceptional heritage in cricket construction, having built over 1,000 non-turf cricket facilities. The company works in partnership with Notts Sport to design and deliver ECB Approved non-turf cricket systems for practice, coaching and match play.

Find out more about non-turf cricket facilities.

Car Parks

S&C Slatter’s in-house surfacing and civils division are highly experienced in the design and delivery of car park construction and resurfacing. Working on both small and large-scale projects, clients include Eton College, Elmbridge Borough Council and Uxbridge Business Park.

Find out more.

Ancillary works

Depending on the type of sports facility you are financing, ancillary works such as floodlighting and fencing can also be included in amount financed.

S&C Slatter’s in-house experts can design and install a floodlighting and fencing package suitable for your needs, that satisfy any planning or sports governing body requirements.


S&C Slatter’s in-house maintenance division deliver expert care to over 600 sites across the UK.

Depending on the type of sports facility you are financing, you can also spread the cost of a bespoke maintenance package across the term of your agreement.

Find out more about maintenance.

Finance Products Available:

  1. Hire Purchase

 A Hire Purchase Agreement is a form of financing that is particularly beneficial to VAT registered organisations who can claim back VAT at the outset. Please see benefits below:

 Reduced upfront costs make construction more affordable

  • Full ownership on final payment
  • Fixed payments over 1-7 years improve financial management and forecasting
  • Deferred payment options allow pitch construction to be completed before repayments begin, allowing revenue generated from your new pitch to contribute to repayments
  • If paying annually, payment can be deferred for up to 12 months
  • Claim tax relief via annual capital allowances
  • Claim VAT back at the outset or defer VAT up to 3 months (if VAT registered)
  • Utilising Hire Purchase, with a deposit of £80,000 we we can install a brand new 3G all-weather sports pitch from as little as £6,000 per month (subject to site survey, conditions, and specifications).
  1. Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is a form of financing that is particularly beneficial to non-VAT registered organisations who can spread the VAT over the length of the agreement. Please see benefits below:

 No deposit required – free up funds for other projects

  • Fixed payments over 1-7 years improve financial management and forecasting
  • Finance Lease payments are treated as an expense item
  • Reduce taxable income with full asset value on balance sheet
  • Option to own, sell or lease at the end of term
  • VAT cost spread over agreement, payable on each lease payment
  1. Operating Lease

 An Operating Lease is a form of financing that is particularly beneficial to state and academy schools. Already commonly used across the sector, Operating Leases are not classed as borrowing, therefore do not require Secretary of State for Education (SSE) authorisation (as would be the case with a Finance Lease or similar). Please see benefits below:

  • No deposit required – free up funds for other projects
  • Fixed payments over 1-7 years improve financial management and forecasting.
  • Claim VAT back on each lease payment
  • Never repay full asset value, monthly costs are lower than other forms of finance
  • Operating Lease rentals are treated as an expense item.
  • An Operating Lease is an additional line of finance (so may not affect existing bank arrangements)
  • Maintenance and service costs can be included


To find out more and for all enquires please contact us below:

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