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Buckingham Leasing exclusively partners with S&C Slatter, providing competitive financing for sports facility construction and maintenance. With our streamlined process, you can fund, build, and upkeep sports pitches, tracks, and courts through a single point of contact.

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About S&C Clatter

With 30 years of experience, S&C Slatter is a leading sports contractor specialising in artificial turf pitches, athletics tracks, and playing courts. They're certified by major governing bodies like FIH and FIFA and have worked with prestigious clients including Everton FC and The University of Oxford.


Artificial turf pitches

S&C Slatter, in collaboration with FieldTurf, has constructed over 500 artificial turf pitches, specializing in designs approved by FIH, FIFA, and World Rugby.

  • 3G Football pitches
  • 3G Rugby pitches
  • Hockey pitches
  • Gen 2 pitches

Tennis/netball courts and multi-use games areas (MUGAs)

S&C Slatter has completed over 200 multi-sport pitches and dedicated tennis and netball courts, tailored to meet specific sport needs and governing body standards, using various surfaces including polymeric, macadam, sand-dressed, or Gen 2.


Athletics tracks

S&C Clatter partners exclusively with world-leading athletics track manufacturer Beynon Sports to deliver athletics tracks at all levels, up to and including World Athletics Class I standard athletics facilities for elite global performance.


Hybrid and natural turf pitches

White Horse Contractors, S&C Slatter's sister company, offers 60+ years of expertise in natural and hybrid turf pitch construction for elite sports. They provide advanced hybrid turf technology to clients like Chelsea FC and St. George’s Park.


Non-turf cricket facilities

With over 1,000 projects completed, S&C Clatter partners with Notts Sport to provide ECB Approved systems.

  • Pitches
  • Indoor netting systems
  • Coaching facilities.

Car parks

S&C Slatter's surfacing and civils division excels in car park design and construction. With expertise in projects of all sizes, clients range from Eton College to Uxbridge Business Park.


Ancillary works

Floodlighting and fencing can be part of your financed amount, depending on your sports facility needs. Our experts at S&C Slatter can design and install tailored solutions to meet regulations and standards.


S&C Slatter’s in-house maintenance division deliver expert care to over 600 sites across the UK.

Depending on the type of sports facility you are financing, you can also spread the cost of a bespoke maintenance package across the term of your agreement.

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